The W.I.N. Card Network

W.I.N. provides an entire suite of consumer rewards & rewards as well as a full suite of business solutions.  Consumers earn cash rewards and instant savings at local merchants, while businesses can grow their customer base and improve their reach and marketing effectiveness.  Select the area below to begin.


Consumer Benefits

Consumers earn cash rewards and even cash back on purchases at W.I.N. merchants when they use their W.I.N. Universal Rewards Card (wallet or mobile).

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Merchant & Retailer Benefits

Reward loyal customers and attract new ones by offering cash rewards and cash back.  .

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Consumer Access

Card holders gain access to great W.I.N. events. Events include, Cause, Merchant and W.I.N. hosted events.

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Promotion & Venue Resources

Increase your guest list, track guests and give sponsors more bang for their buck.

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Consumer Support

Consumers can support their favorite causes in a variety of ways including using cause cards, attending cause events and referring friends..

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Grow Your Membership & Fundraising

W.I.N. can help you grow your cause in a variety of ways including growing your membership base, improving your events and assisting with fundraising..

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W.I.N. Campaigns

The founders and executives at W.I.N. have a deep passion to help. Wherever they see a need and can find willing partners, W.I.N. will develop in house campaigns to support that cause.

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